ICO Platform Features

Multi-Currency Funding

Most of the ICOs raise capital funding through Ethereum; but, we have a tendency to support investments with multiple currencies. We let the investors buy tokens through fiat currencies like the euro or us dollar or through different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Das.

Multiple Addresses To Protect Against Hackers

As ICOs generate so much capital, thus it has become so much attractive to hackers. The centralized funding address is that the most vulnerable spot to hack. If this is often breached, then hackers can easily obtain the entirety of the funds from ICO. This is the reason, Cryptocode.uk.com ICO platform requires applicants to create an individual account with their own addresses. By providing a unique address to each applicant, hackers can be stopped from invading all the funds at once.

Custom Tokens in Smart Contracts

Hire a smart contract developer specialized in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and DAPP Development.

Protection Against Token Loss

To send and receive ICO coins, investors are required to use the cryptographic information of their private wallet keys. In case the information is lost, then they will lose access to their funds that is a huge amount of responsibility on them. Our platform provides every applicant with a personal account, with their unique login information and funding address. It ensures that investors will simply recover their coins in case if they lose their private access. Additional safety features such as Google’s authenticator and email adds additional security to every individual account.

Custom ICO Landing Page Design

Our skillful designers craft well-designed and easy-to-navigate ICO landing pages that arouse the interest of potential investors. TokyoTechie.com’s designers have the skillful expertise to work with your ideas to develop the perfect page for your ICO.

Hosting and Fund Administration

We contour the procedure by taking care of the administrative details of your Cryptocurrency crowd sale. Our ICO platform features an all-inclusive admin panel to update you with the data on where the funds are coming from.

KYC Verification

As every country not regularized and legalized to use of cryptocurrency to prevent cybercrime. Organizations that are issuing ICOs are required to implement the KYC verification procedure. Our ICO system integrates custom KYC procedure, where applicants are asked to upload authenticating documents to verify their identity.

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